Time line

  • 1993 - 1997 Niels runs a BBS, running the character based game BRE and BRE (By Mehul Patel, bought by John Daily). Bastiaan is the BRE leader and formula mastermind.

  • 1998 Bastiaan and Niels think of bringing BRE to the internet. At the same time Mehul Patel brought BRE to the internet (Earth), which we both play.

  • 1998
    TEQ 1.0

    TEQ 1.0

    (Dec) TEQ was invented. At first the name was "The Eight Quadrant". Realizing that only four Quadrants can exist (hence the name QUADrant, we initally discard the name. Since TEQ sounds cool, we decide to keep it and invent a name to fit the abbreviation. It was "Terra Est Quaestuosus" (The earth is profitable)

  • 1999 TEQ 1.0 is released. 100% built in VB (yes, Niels built his own web server). TEQ runs on a home PC, low profile, getting a moderate number of players. At that time we had a thing called "Tribes", which gave you specific characteristics. The tribes were quickly abandoned.

  • 2000 (March) Internet is booming. With the help of Stippeltje, we drop press releases at strategic places. TEQ gets a lot of publicity (Press Release (Dutch)). Due to people commenting that "Quaestuosus" is wrong since Terra is feminin, we decide to rename the game to: "Terra Est Quaestuosa"

  • 2000 Traffic increases massively. Among the first to use ADSL at the time, we order 4 ADSL lines to run from Niels' home.
    TEQ 1.1

    TEQ 1.1

  • 2001 (March) ADLS isn't sufficient anymore. We decide to expand. We, together with Floortje set up a bigger server and we move to a data centre.

  • 2002 (April) Server crash... All data gone. We had backups, but TEQ2 development has to restart.

  • 2002 (Sept) TEQ 2 is released. The VB Web server is abandoned. Everything is moved to VB ASP pages and a lot of VB logic is converted by Floortje to SQL Server 2000 stored procedures.

  • 2007 (April) TEQ 3 is released. The whole thing is rewritten in C# ASP.NET and runs now on SQL Server 2005

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