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Breaking the rules can be reason for us to suspend your country.

Each server has different rules, make sure you do read them before you start playing. The rules are written down on the right side of the login area.

Apart from these specific "server" rules there are some general rules that will result in the suspension of your country if you break them. It is never allowed to have more than one country as a player at any time of the game. A few examples of things that are not allowed:

  • Using a 2nd account to scan the market for cheap goods.
  • Using a 2nd account to keep discovery levels high by "SEALfarming" it with your main country.
  • Using a 2nd account to use more than the regular 25 player searches you get per day.
  • Using a 2nd account to test start ups or strategies with.
  • Using a 2nd account to change the outcome of the voting of the President in a team.
  • Using a 2nd account to try and manipulate the market or marketaiding your main country.
  • Sharing an account with other people so that everyone can be the President of that team.

Of course these are just a few examples of things that are not allowed and will get you suspended once we find out. Just don't create a 2nd country in the same game and you will be fine. (We say 2nd account here but that also means 3rd, 4th etc...just don't have more than 1 own account)

Ok now on to the "grey area". In the past there has been a lot to do about playing someone elses account when the original owner was not there. This is often referred to as "babysitting" someones country. Even though some people might claim otherwise us GC's are human too and we do have a life so we understand that sometimes it might not be possible for people to play their own countries. So yes, if there are absolutely NO OTHER OPTIONS then you are allowed to let someone babysit your account for a few days. However you do this at your own risk. If we think that it has become more than just a few days or somehow feel that the "babysitter" is abusing your country then we will not hesitate to suspend you and the one babysitting the country. Just a friendly piece of advise : If you are looking for someone to babysit your country then find someone who will be only babysitting your country during the time you are unavailable to play it yourself. This might save you and us quite a bit of trouble :) (people babysitting multiple accounts at the same time looks very suspicious and will in most cases result in the suspension of the countries involved). (this also means that logging in to review someone's account is illegal too, logging in to do a sale for someone because they go to sleep or whatever BS reason they claim to have is illegal too etc.)

A special babysitting case occurs when the team of the country that is babysat goes to war. It is ok to babysit a country during a war IF the original owner is away for a few days AND it was agreed upon before that war started (we should find evidence of that. For instance the babysitting party logging in into the country before the war started) It is forbidden to log in for someone else to do an effective first strike or to log in for someone when you see he/she is getting killed. If we get babysitting complaints like these then we will investigate the situation and if we suspect that these clear rules were violated then we will suspend all countries involved. We know we tolerated this form of babysitting in the past but we think that most of the TEQ Community feels that this should be forbidden and so do we nowadays.

The usage of bots inside the game is strictly forbidden. There is absolutely no need at all for bots in the game. Bots are only creating unfair advantages for the person using it and will lower the level of fair competitiveness in the game. Please realize that this is just a game and that in the end it is there for entertainment and fun. People using bots are ruining this fun because they usually try to gain unfair advantages over others and might even mess up the game with their actions.

Then there is another thing called "password" sharing. People sometimes give out their login/password to others. We do not support this and the consequences of someone sharing this personal information with others are for themselves. So if someone logs in with your account without you knowing about it then it is YOUR fault for letting people know your login/password and not changing the password afterwards. If we think cheating occurred then we will not hesitate to suspend such a country. Even though the one cheating with the account might not have been the original owner it is still the original owner's own responsibility if cheating would occur. Either change your password if people know or don't tell anyone and you should not get in any troubles. If someone is repeatedly breaking some of the "only one account" and "babysitting" rules then we might even have to try and ban the user from the site. Furthermore will the usage of bots lead to the permanent banning of the individual using the bot. We want this game to stay fair and honest and will not tolerate individuals trying to lower the level of gameplay by cheating in the game somehow.

If you get suspended and you disagree about it then please contact us somehow and tell us what happened and why you think you should be unsuspended. Do not let others contact us, just contact us yourself. We don't have time for people whining to us about something while it doesn't even involve themselves and they don't even know everything about the situation. Furthermore you should make sure you tell us the truth and nothing but the truth, this usually helps your case a bit and you will get some more understanding from us if you are honest and confess to your crimes. If we find out you are lying to us there is absolutely no chance you will get unsuspended.

When a country is suspended the owner will not be able to login anymore but the country will still receive the turns as normal. Except of course when it would run over the maximum amount of turns you can have on that particular server. So if you get suspended then your round doesn't have to be over unless of course you don't contact us or fail to convince us of your innocence :)

If you feel that a player breaks one of these rules then please let us know. As said before, this game should be played to have fun and to compete with other internet users on a friendly level. Cheating, cursing etc. will be dealt with firmly. We will check every serious accusation, if you are able to prove to us that someone is breaking any of these rules then we will check his/her account and take steps against him/her if necessary.

Last but not least: We have to be realistic and we realize that we cannot and will not be able to catch all cheaters however we will do what we can to keep this game fair. Reporting countries you suspect is a good thing however please don't start harassing us. Our time is limited too and we just don't have the time to give every individual a specific explanation about a certain case. Just know that our word and decision is final and we will use our best judgement when dealing with suspected cases of cheating.



The guidelines are based on common sense and fair play. Breaking these rules will not result in penalties, but will decrease your popularity and charisma among other players.

  • Don't harass newbies. They're unworthy opponents. Instead help them to understand TEQ, and then kill 'em (when they're less vulnerable).

  • Don't kick someone if he's already laying on the ground... If someone dropped 100 ranks because someone attacked him, he'll understand that his strategy sucks. Give him the time to get up again, don't kick him down another 100 ranks.

  • It's only a GAME. Don't get insane if someone grabs your territories. It's all part of the game. Of course you're allowed to waste your opponent, but only in this GAME. Don't nuke ICQ's or flood E-mails.

  • If you find a bug, have suggestions, or if there's something you don't like... Please tell us. We want to please our players with a good and balanced game.

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