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This is meant as a rough first overview, for players that never played TEQ before.


The Servers

TEQ has three servers. you are allowed to play all servers simultaneously but you may not own more then one account or use more than one country on the same server at one time.

On teamserver and groupserver one round (reset) will last one month, with 1-2 days break in between. On fightserver it is up to 2 months, but it can be shorter if someone fulfills the winning criteria for that server before the 60 days are done. Therefore fightserver doesn't restart at the beginning of each month as the two other servers do, but on changing dates.

Link to webcam that watches the server.


The Goal

In TEQ you control a nation and try to make it as powerful as possible. How this is measured is a little different from server to server but the main goal is Networth. Networth is mainly your land, technology and military.

A round takes 1 month for Team and Group server, and maximum two months for Fight server. When one round ends all players will gain ranking points and the game gets reset.

Accumulating ranking points will raise your player ranking and earn you medals.


How to play

On the one hand TEQ countries can be treated as huge industries: They produce goods, military or technologies and trade them for the other goods they need.

On the other hand they fight each other for land and resources. Limited military activity is commonly accepted, but going too far will get you killed quickly, so act with caution!

When you have a country on one of the servers, you'll be given turns every x minutes, depending on the server. There is no way to get aditional turns, so it all comes down to the best usage of the time you're given.

A quick growth is key in TEQ. You need land and discoveries to raise your production and you need military to defend it.

Military is very expensive, so your business needs to earn you a fortune to pay the bills. While doing that you need to constantly grow.

A solid plan is what you need, right at the start.



TEQ has mechanisms in play that will force you to specialize in one buisness aspect of your country. It would be going too far to explain everything now already, but it is accepted by most players that a mixed (Rainbow) country that tries to be self-sufficient will always fall behind, compared to a country that specializes and engages in trading.

Basically, the strategies are called by the goods they produce or the building they center on: Steeler, Barracker, Beacher, Warfactory,Cementer, Techer, Baker or TC-er. Plus there is the question if you want to use the peaceful 'landbuying' or aggressive 'grabbing' way to get your land for growth. So common plans could be 'landbuying steeler', 'grabbing beacher' etc.

Many players have written strategies that they are willing to share with new players. They are not secrets.

The average strategies in TEQ will be similar. The beginning of every round has some turns in 'neutral' mode: you can't attack or be attacked. During that time you build your economy. When you have used your neutral turns (they are limited) you make and sell a lot of your goods and spend the cash on military to get your country ready for the rough time OON 'out of neutral'.

From now on you'll spend your turns on land growth, purchase of technology and military. You sell your goods and earn cash for the next day.

Knowledge of the market, wise choice of targets and clever management of resources are what it takes for you to compete!

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